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Horse Whisperer

Primary Care

Just like us, every horse needs preventive medicine and routine healthcare to stay happy and healthy throughout life. Let us help you care for your horse and stay up-to-date with primary care.

Girl with Horse

Comprehensive Care

Your horse's health and well being are paramount. That's why your horse will receive a basic health check at every appointment. For annual, medicine and lameness exams, your horse will receive a comprehensive health assessment. This includes a detailed lifestyle questionnaire, and physical examination of all body systems to ensure a thorough assessment of your horse's health.

Horse Stall

Health Management Consulting

Your horse requires appropriate daily management, nutrition, and preventive medicine to stay happy and healthy. One can help prevent issues such as gastric ulcer, colic, laminitis, infectious disease, and more by adhering to specific management practices. Book a consultation with us for any horse care concerns you might have.




Many horses suffer common vaccine reactions and that's why our vaccination appointments are specifically designed to minimize them. This includes splitting multiple vaccinations into separate appointments. Watch this video to learn more.

Did you also know that certain times of the year are more associated with some parasite burdens and not others, and that some parasites can't be identified with a fecal test?  Let us design a custom deworming plan for your horse that kills the worms we can see and the worms we can't, and avoid the overuse of dewormers.



Your horse needs more than just his/her teeth floated to stay comfortable and able to chew food properly. Therefore, we conduct an oral examination with every routine dental float to identify any oral health issues your horse may be experiencing, so they can be treated appropriately.

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