Whether you have booked an annual check-up, lameness or medicine appointment, your horse will receive a comprehensive health assessment to ensure your horse receives a thorough evaluation and individualized healthcare. This includes a lifestyle questionnaire and a detailed physical examination of all body systems.


Your horse can be sensitive to injections. We recommend splitting annual vaccinations into separate appointments to minimize reactions. Call us to arrange a split vaccination schedule. Log into your personal client portal at anytime to see your horse's vaccination history and booster due dates.


We provide an oral examination with every routine dental flotation. Performed regularly, grinding down sharp enamel points and addressing oral health issues will help keep your horse comfortable and able to chew and digest food properly.


Every pre-purchase examination
includes a comprehensive health
assessment. Add on conformation
evaluation, mobility testing, gait evaluation, flexion tests, exercise
tolerance testing, neurologic
evaluation, systemic bloodwork, and
radiographs to cover all your purchase requirements.


We recommend your horse receive an annual comprehensive health assessment which is designed for long-term health management and preventive medicine. At the same time, add on wellness bloodwork, vaccinations, dental floatation, and let us plan your deworming schedule and other health management needs. Call us today to ask about our wellness program rewards.


Let us help get your horse back to peak condition by conducting a thorough examination and using regional anesthesia to localize the lameness. Then using targeted diagnostics, such as radiography and ultrasound, we can prescribe a treatment and rehabilitation plan that is manageable for you.


Our high quality digital radiography system is battery powered and wireless and eliminates the need to position your horse next to a power outlet. Board certified radiologist interpretation is available upon request at any time.


Your horse requires appropriate daily management, nutrition, and preventive medicine to stay happy and healthy. One can help prevent issues such as gastric ulcer, colic, laminitis, infectious disease, and more by adhering to specific management practices. Ask us to advise you on any horse care concerns you might have.


Our secure, cloud-based medical record system keeps track of your horse’s complete health history, including vaccinations, prescriptions, treatments, and diagnostic reports so we can monitor your horse’s health throughout his/her lifetime. Log in to your personal client portal so you can keep track of your horse's health too!


Your horse is an individual with a dynamic lifestyle and can have special health needs. Let us help address any concerns you may have with your horse, including: general health issues, injuries, colic, lameness, behaviour changes, neurologic issues, growing, aging, and any other abnormalities.


Our portable ultrasound includes a high frequency musculoskeletal probe for imaging the distal limb flexor tendons and ligaments, and a curvilinear probe to facilitate FLASH examination for emergency colic.


We are on call 24/7 for emergencies on a triage and first-come basis for clients located within 1 hr of Guelph.


PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is required immediately at receipt of invoice via e-transfer or credit card through our secure payment processing system.

HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY: Please note that in order to ensure the health of our veterinarian(s) and staff, appointments will only be conducted in smoke free areas.