Diagnostics & Treatment

We use a variety of examination types, x-ray, and ultrasound to diagnose your horse's condition and offer you treatment options accordingly. If required, we will send xrays to a board certified radiologist for expert interpretation, and can also refer you to local specialists for evaluation or complex imaging. We also consult with other veterinarians, internists, and other specialists when necessary to make sure your horse is getting the best care possible.



Our digital x-ray system is battery powered and requires no electrical outlet in the barn. Our large 14 x 17 detector plate can acommdodate large areas like the skull or back. We also offer board certified radiologist interpretation of your horse's images at any time.



Our ultrasound includes a high frequency musculoskeletal probe for imaging distal limb tendons and ligaments. We also have a curvilinear probe for emergency colic abdominal imaging.