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High quality medical care for your horse. 


Mobile veterinary services available within one hour of Guelph, ON.

Vaccinations, deworming,
dental floats and more.

Horse Whisperer

Primary Care

Examinations to diagnose
and treat your horse.

Dressage Horse

Medicine & Lameness

Integrative Therapy

LED light therapy treatment
for soft tissue injuries.


Pre-purchase Exams

Full health assessment
included with every exam.

Dressage Horse

Eramosa Equine Veterinary Services is an accredited equine mobile facility based in Guelph, Ontario. Whether you have a companion horse or performance athlete, we take the time to get to know you and your horse, and provide a high standard of veterinary medicine to keep your horse healthy and happy long term.

"The kindness and patience she has shown to my three senior horses is consistent and authentic ... Dr. Musaddy is truly a horse lover and a people person ... I appreciate her taking the time to have my horses relax so that they don’t dread vet visits."

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